Hi, my name is Mckenzy Hughes 

I am the face and name behind Mckenzy Blayne Photography. I've been enjoying photography for awhile, started back in high school in photo class, dabbled in it  here and there. In 2012, I gave birth to my first born daughter Sophia and became a stay at home mom. I needed to do something, so I decided to bring back the love I had for photography! But hey, now with two kids; I'm still going! I've grown so much and it's time to make myself known and professional. 

So follow along on my never-ending journey and ENJOY!  


Graduate at NYIP: Professional Photography course

Graduate at NYIP: Business for Photographers course

Student at NYIP: Photoshop Course

Mentored by Valarie Waldvogel at a real wedding focusing on OCF

Mentored by Brittany Moncrieff with Newborn Photography

1:1 Business workshop with Leilli Heidema