Hi, my name is Mckenzy Hughes 

I am the face and name behind Mckenzy Blayne Photography. I've been enjoying photography for awhile, started back in high school in photo class, dabbled in it  here and there. In 2012, I gave birth to my first born daughter Sophia and became a stay at home mom. I needed to do something, so I decided to bring back the love I had for photography! But hey, now with two kids; I'm still going! I've grown so much and it's time to make myself known and professional. My goal is to provide beautiful images that you’re proud of. Photography is an investment; the fact that you’re making time out of your day to appreciate my work, to invest your hard earned money towards these precious keepsakes is very honorable to me and it’s very appreciated!

So follow along on my never-ending journey and ENJOY!  


Graduate at NYIP: Professional Photography course

Graduate at NYIP: Business for Photographers course

Student at NYIP: Photoshop Course

Mentored by Valarie Waldvogel at a real wedding focusing on OCF

Mentored by Brittany Moncrieff with Newborn Photography

1:1 Business workshop with Leilli Heidema